The Role of the OIQ

Our mission? To protect the public.

The OIQ is responsible for overseeing the practice of engineering and supporting the profession’s development with a single goal: to protect the public. On a day-to-day basis, the OIQ is responsible for admitting members, supporting and supervising them, monitoring and controlling the illegal practice of the profession, and improving the practice. We also make special efforts to promote the profession and ensure the respect of the governing laws and regulations. We ensure that engineers respect all their ethical and professional practice obligations.

Our values?

Integrity, respect, rigour, accountability and excellence.


people are members or future members.

24 %

of engineers are immigrants, twice as many as in the general population of Quebec.

15 %

of the members of the OIQare women. They also represent 21% of engineering graduates.

Mission: Protecting the Public

This is how the OIQ protects the public.

Controlling access to the profession

Candidates to the engineering profession (CEP) must have the knowledge and skills necessary to become a professional engineer. This is why we have a professional admission program that includes three mandatory components: theory, practice, and language. Candidates to the engineering profession are subject to the same obligations as members of the OIQ and must also be supervised throughout the professional admission program (*FR*).

Ensuring continuous professional development

The OIQ helps engineers develop their skills. Its team assists in establishing the orientation and content of training activities and offers members training that is consistent with their professional development plan. Moreover, it ensures compliance with the Règlement sur la formation continue obligatoire (in French only).


The OIQ monitors the engineering profession practice. To do so, it uses several essential tools, including:

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