Admission exams

Seeking equivalency

Admission exams may be required once your application has been evaluated. For example, if your training is deemed partially equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in Quebec. The purpose of these exams is to enable you to obtain a full equivalence of training.

This page also contains information about filling these gaps with training activities and courses.

About admission exams

Documents to help you prepare

Previous examinations for BASIC MATERIALS
Previous exams for AGRO-FOOD ENGINEERING
Previous exams for BIORESSOURCES

Training Activity: Engineering Design

The OIQ and its academic partners have designed a training program for people who have not acquired the minimum number of engineering design credits in their academic or professional career.

This training includes a theoretical and a practical component, which are explained below.

The following documents (in french) will help you and your supervisor understand the expectations for the various stages of the training and assessment process.

Theoretical Component

It consists of self-taught learning of the engineering design methodology done by the reading of one of these 2 books:

Once your self-study is complete, the OIQ will validate your knowledge with an exam. To register for the engineering design methodology exam, fill out the form below.

Once you have passed this exam, you will be able to begin the practical component of the engineering design training.

Practical Component

The practical component consists of carrying out an engineering design project to demonstrate that you are capable of applying the principles of the design methodology independently.
To help you succeed in this practical component, the OIQ has developed guides in specific major engineering fields (see below). We strongly recommend that you consult these guides to obtain additional information on engineering design and see different design project examples.
Please note that this engineering design training has been developed in collaboration with the following academic institutions:

  • École de technologie supérieure
  • Sherbrooke University, engineering faculty
  • Laval University, faculty of science and engineering
  • Government of Quebec
  • Polytechnique Montréal
  • University of Quebec at Trois-Rivièress
  • University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue

List of design training guides by domain

Equivalent Courses

These courses have been approved by the Admission to Practice Committee. Therefore, if you pass the equivalent courses you are required to take, you will fill the gap and will not need to pass the OIQ exam. For your course to be considered as such, you must:

  1. Email us at [email protected] to tell us what course you are taking and when you will get the transcript.
  2. Ask the university to send us an official copy of the transcript at the end of the course.

Below are tables of equivalent courses by exam type. If you are looking for a course that does not appear in the tables and you think it fills a gap in your file, send us its description and the name of the institution offering it to [email protected]. Our Admissions Committee will let you know if it is approved or not.

Failed Exam, Absences, Deadlines and Reviews

Failed exam

Failing the exam will not prevent you from obtaining your credential, but you must still meet the deadlines and take the appropriate steps to retake the exam.

No show at exam

Regardless of the reason, your absence will not count as a failure. Please note that the registration fee will not be refunded, even if you have informed us of your absence in advance. You will not be able to use the registration fee you have already paid to pay for a future exam.

Deadlines and deadline extensions

If you do not pass the exams within the allotted time, your application to the OIQ will be automatically closed. It can be reopened under certain conditions.

You can also request an extension. To do so, fill out the review form and send it along with the fee, and your file will be reviewed. Explain why you could not take your exams and specify the time necessary to fulfill this obligation. Feel free to attach supporting documentation to substantiate your request to the Admissions Committee.

Please note that if you take an exam at the last session before the deadline (registration alone is not enough), you will automatically be granted an additional six months.

Requesting a review

If you don’t agree with a grade, you can request a review. You must send your request within 30 days of receiving the notification of your failing grade. To do so, complete and send the file review request form along with the required fee. If you wish to request a review for more than one exam, you will be required to pay this fee for each request. (This fee may be refunded if you are successful. If this is the case, we will inform you.)

To request a revision, you can ask for a copy of your exam booklet, so that you can give your comments and arguments to the person who is grading. You can also submit your detailed point of view in a letter accompanying the review form.

Request for reconsideration of grade or review of decision

If you have new information to submit following a decision by the Admissions Committee, you can request a review. To do so, you must complete and submit the “Review Form.”

If you disagree with a decision by the Admissions Committee and have no new facts to submit, you must, do so within 30 days of the date of receipt of the decision, complete and submit the “Review Form” along with the review fee.

If you disagree with a decision of the Admissions Committee and have no new facts to submit, you must, within 15 days of the date of receipt of an unfavorable decision rendered by the Committee, complete and submit the “Review Form” along with the file review fee.

More than 3 unsuccessful applications or missed deadlines

To request the reopening of your file, fill out our form and send it along with the permit application fee.

Note that this is a new permit application: your file will be processed according to the regulations, admission requirements, and evaluation policy for candidates to the engineering permit in effect at the time of reopening. The OIQ may therefore refuse your application for a permit or require you to take a new exam.

If you have reopened your file and failed any exam, the Admission to Practice Committee will ask you to retake them in addition to any new exam.

Penalties for cheating on the admission exams

Any fraud or attempted fraud may result in either the closure of your file or the denial of your application for admission.

Register for the next exam session

The exams are held in Montreal twice a year, during the first two weeks of May and November. Consult the Activities section to find out about upcoming dates and to register.

Questions ?

Contact us if you have any questions about these exams or obtaining your training equivalencies.

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