Becoming an Engineer in Québec

Practicing the profession

To practice engineering in Quebec, you must first become a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. The steps to obtain an engineer’s permit vary depending on the country in which you obtained your degree.

Below, we present the typical steps to obtaining a permit. To obtain more details, consult the path specific to your profile or contact us.

Becoming a member

A visual representation of the steps to becoming a member and obtaining an engineer’s permit in Quebec.

Your profile

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Quel type de permis désirez-vous obtenir ?

Êtes-vous membre de plein droit d'une autre association d'ingénieurs au Canada ?

Êtes-vous détenteur d'un diplôme d'ingénieur de 1er cycle ?


I have a degree from Quebec

If you have obtained your undergraduate degree in engineering or another related field, in Quebec.

I have a degree from Canada

If you have obtained your undergraduate degree in engineering in Canada (but not in Quebec). For those who are not a member of a Canadian engineering association.

I am a member of another association in Canada

If you have an engineering permit from another province or territory. For those who are already practicing engineering in a province or territory other than Quebec.

I have an international degree

If you have obtained your undergraduate degree in engineering in a country other than Canada. For graduates and those already practicing engineering in another country.

Candidate to the engineering profession

Once your admission file is complete and in conformance, you can register as a candidate to the engineering profession (CEP). Congratulations! You have five years to complete the Professional Admission Program.

Professional admission program

The program has three components: theory, practice, and language. The theory component is completed by passing a three-hour professional exam. The order in which these three components are completed is up to you. See our Professional Admission Program page for more information.

Finding a supervisor

The OIQ believes it is essential that you have a competent person to support you on your journey. This person acts as a supervisor, and you are responsible for finding them. Need help doing so? Visit our page and find the right person for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all people with a Bachelor of Engineering automatically engineers?

No. To practice engineering in Quebec and use the reserved title of “engineer” (Eng.), you must hold a permit in good standing and be registered on the roll of the OIQ. In addition, the admission and licensing process differs if the person obtained their engineering degree in Quebec, in another Canadian province, or abroad.
By law, the OIQ also requires its members to have appropriate knowledge of French before it issues the permit to practice, although certain exceptions may apply for temporary permits.

The Pathway to becoming an engineer in Quebec
The page Practicing engineering in Quebec, with details on the language requirements.

Why do we have an order for engineers?

The work of engineers directly influences many areas of your life. If this work is not done correctly, the consequences can be severe.

The OIQ is responsible for supervising and monitoring professional activities to ensure that each engineer has the training and skills required to practice their profession in accordance with the four central values of engineering: competence, responsibility, ethics, and social commitment.

The OIQ is responsible for the following:

  • Admission of members
  • Support and supervision of members
  • Monitoring illegal practice
  • Improvement of the profession’s practice
  • Prevention in engineering
  • Enhancement of the profession’s values

The OIQ also ensures that obligations related to ethics and professional practice are respected.


Does the OIQ take a position on specific issues?

The OIQ takes a position on current issues that affect the engineering profession. If you wish to have a comment on a specific topic, you must contact the person in charge of the media at the OIQ.


Where can I find a list of the OIQ’s activities and events?

The best way to stay informed about the OIQ’s activities is to consult its calendar. You can also consult the OIQ’s profile on Facebook and LinkedIn to find out about all our news and upcoming events.