Do you aspire to a career in engineering?

If you’re an engineering student or thinking of studying engineering, it’s a good idea to learn more about the OIQ, its mission and the benefits of obtaining your engineering permit today.

Practical Guide: Internships and First Jobs in Engineering

Many of you will be doing internships as part of your studies. In order to better prepare you for these first work experiences, the OIQ has produced a guide containing practical information (in french).


In Quebec, are engineering graduates automatically considered engineers?

No. To practice engineering in Quebec and use the reserved title of “engineer” (Eng.), you must hold a permit in good standing and be registered on the OIQ’s roll. In addition, the admission and permit process differs if the candidate obtained their engineering degree in Quebec, in another Canadian province, or abroad. By law, the OIQ also requires its members to have appropriate knowledge of French before it issues the permit to practice, although certain exceptions may apply for temporary permits.

The path to becoming an engineer in Quebec
Practicing engineering in Quebec, with details on language requirements.

Why do we have an order for engineers?

The work of engineers directly influences many areas of your life. If this work is not done correctly, the consequences can be severe.

The OIQ is responsible for supervising and monitoring professional activities to ensure that each engineer has the training and skills required to practice their profession in accordance with the four central values of engineering: competence, responsibility, ethics, and social commitment.

The OIQ is responsible for the following:

  • Admission of members
  • Support and supervision of members
  • Monitoring illegal practice
  • Improvement of the profession’s practice
  • Prevention in engineering
  • Enhancement of the profession’s values

The OIQ also ensures that obligations related to ethics and professional practice are respected.


I would like to organize an activity jointly with the OIQ or invite a representative of the OIQ to an event. Who should I speak to?

Contact the person in charge to request a partnership with the OIQ on an event or to ask for the presence of a representative of the OIQ.


When can I expect to hear back about my submission?

In the spring of 2023, all applicants will receive an email from the OIQ indicating whether their candidacy has been selected. Three finalists will be announced in each category.

I want to understand the OIQ, its history, and its mission better. Where can I find the most up-to-date information?

You can consult our complete section on the OIQ, which details, among other things, our mission and vision, as well as our history.

You can also download our Media Kit.


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