Professional Inspection Explained to the Public

Maintaining your confidence in the engineering profession

Do you think that professional inspections are only for the technical aspects of the practice of engineering? If their objectives are mainly to assess competencies and improve professional practice, their scope is broader. . As a result of these inspections, engineers maintain their knowledge of their obligations towards you, their clients, and the profession.

For the OIQ, professional inspections are a means of fulfilling its mandate to protect the public and ensure excellence in the profession.

For you, they ensure quality and reliable services performed by highly competent professionals.

How does a professional inspection work?

The professional inspection committee, composed of 15 engineers, is responsible for the execution of inspections. But the inspection itself takes place during a meeting between the inspector and the engineer. This interview allows the inspector, among other things, to evaluate the technical and professional skills of the engineer according to their mandates and projects.

Far from being a one-time meeting, the professional inspection is also an opportunity for the engineer to improve and progress professionally.

What are the benefits to you and the general public?

Following the inspection, the engineer receives a report on their competencies. If necessary, the professional inspection committee may also recommend follow-up measures to help the engineer improve their skills or even recommend limiting their right to practice.

The inspection record of an engineer is strictly confidential. Only the OIQ’s decision to limit or suspend a member’s right to practice is made public at the end of the inspection process.

What should I do if I have concerns about the competence or behaviour of an engineer?

You can always confirm a member’s status by consulting the directory. If you have any doubts, you can also consult our page on reports and complaints.

The inspection visit is an important opportunity for the engineer to improve their professional practice.

To be the benchmark of public protection

The professional inspection committee ensures the conformity of the engineer’s practice and accompanies them in their professional development. Aiming for excellence and continuous improvement, inspiring reliability and confidence at all times: challenges that, once met, will allow us to anticipate and meet your expectations.

Were you contacted for an inspection?

If you are an engineer and the professional inspection committee has contacted you, find out more about the steps involved in a professional inspection in the section for Members.