Professional Admission Program

Becoming a CEP

In Quebec, to obtain the title of Engineer, one must first become a Candidate to the Engineering Profession (CEP). This program replaces the Junior Engineer Program and prepares future engineers to practice with rigour and competence.

Illustrated pathway

A visual exemple of the typical path to obtaining an engineer’s permit in Quebec.

The steps of the CEP program

The CEP program has three components

Theoretical component

The program includes 25 to 30 hours of online theory training, accessible through your CEP portal. The courses are designed to prepare you for the professional exam, which consists of about 100 multiple-choice questions. The passing score for the exam is 60%.


Practical component

You must complete a minimum of 24 months of practical work and confirm the acquisition of 6 target competencies through a self-assessment (in French). To be valid, this practical component period must be supervised by an engineer you have chosen and declared to the OIQ beforehand.


Language component

To become an engineer in Québec, you must have sufficient knowledge of French to practice the profession. For instance, if you completed your undergraduate studies in French, you could meet the requirements. Otherwise, consult our page Practicing engineering in Quebec to learn about the language requirements and how to meet them.

Did you obtain your degree in France?

If your first engineering degree was obtained in France,  your path to obtaining a permit could be different.

The ARM is an agreement between the OIQ and the Commission des titres d’ingénieurs (CTI) in France.

A temporary restrictive permit (TRP) is issued under the Arrangement sur la reconnaissance mutuelle des qualifications professionnelles (ARM) to those who wish to obtain a permit, have obtained their first engineering degree in France at an educational institution recognized by the arrangement.

The specific conditions that apply to you are described in the Regulation. Below are the main points to consider when obtaining your engineering permit in Quebec. Note that a temporary restrictive engineering permit holder may use the title “Eng. PRT.” However, you are not allowed to use the title “Engineer” or its abbreviation “Eng.” and you may only practice under the immediate direction and supervision of a registered engineer while you hold your temporary restrictive permit.

The CEP portal to serve you

The OIQ will give you access to this personal and secure online space as soon as you register for the Professional Admission Program. You will find all the information and services you need.

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