Exams – OIQ – Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec

Two types of exams

The admission and professional exams are separate evaluations organized by the OIQ.

Admission Exams. You may be required to take entrance exams after your application has been evaluated if your training is only partially equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in Quebec. . These examinations are designed to help you obtain your total training equivalence.

Professional Exam. The professional exam is a mandatory step in obtaining your permit to practice. It is designed to confirm that you and all future members of the OIQ are familiar with the professional, regulatory, and ethical framework of the engineering profession in Quebec.

Will you have to take these exams? What do they consist of? How should you prepare? Keep reading to find out.

What about the French exam?

To practice engineering in Quebec, you must have appropriate knowledge of the French language. See the Practicing Engineering in Quebec page to learn about the requirements and how to meet them. If you completed your Bachelor of Engineering degree in Quebec in French, you do not need to write a French exam. For all other cases, see here: