The Engineer’s Role

To innovate without compromising ethics

Engineering is everywhere! And Quebec engineers have the chance to innovate in various fields to build a better world. But no matter what specialty they choose, they are responsible for practicing their profession rigorously and ethically.

Shaping the society of today and tomorrow

It isn’t easy to define the tasks of an engineer because engineering is practiced in a wide variety of fields such as heavy industry, biotechnology, energy, mechanics, aerospace, information technology, construction, and many others.

But regardless of the engineer’s specialty, the foundation of their work remains the same: solving concrete and often complex technical or technological problems related to the design, realization, and implementation of infrastructure, products, systems, or services.

This is why engineers have studied science in university, have a taste for innovation, and have a methodological background based on experience.

Every day, engineers push the limits of science. The mission that drives them? To imagine the future and advance society.

Explore a World of Geniuses

Engineering is everywhere! The tunnel you drive through, the computer you consult or the medical technology that treats you, are all the result of an engineer’s work.

Minimizing risk to the public and the environment

If an engineer miscalculates or misapplies a concept, the consequences can be serious for the public or their clients. The engineering profession is thus subject to a Code of ethics, which makes every engineer responsible for their professional actions or those performed under their direction or supervision.

  • Protecting the public: Engineers must consider the impact of their work on the environment and all persons’ life, health, and property. They must also ensure that their work is safe and complies with good practices.
  • Protecting the client: Engineers must perform their work with integrity, transparency, diligence, independence, and impartiality. Bound by professional secrecy, they must give their clients access to the relevant files.

Protecting the public: rigorous mechanisms

Learn more about the profession’s framework and the mechanisms implemented by the OIQ to protect the public.

A profession governed by law

In Quebec, not everyone can become an engineer! In addition to the code of ethics, the profession is subject to laws and regulations. A person who practices engineering (Eng.) must be a member of theOIQ, the only organization authorized to issue the professional permit and title.

Within this ethical and rigorous practice framework, certain activities are reserved for members of the OIQ. These activities are provided for in the Engineers Act.

Engineers are also required to undergo continuous training and regular inspections. It is the role of the OIQ to supervise their practice to ensure that the standards of the profession are maintained and that the public is protected.