Our mission and our vision

To protect the public

With more than 70,000 members and future members in the engineering profession, the OIQ ranks second among the province’s 46 professional orders.

The OIQ’s mission is to oversee the practice of engineers and support the profession to ensure the protection of the public. It is both the regulatory body, and champion of Quebec engineering.

The OIQ aims to maintain the highest standards of competence and integrity among its members. It also highlights their invaluable contribution to the advancement of society through many promotional activities.

Our mission

To supervise the practice of engineering and support the profession’s development to ensure the protection of the public.

Our vision

The OIQ is the benchmark for public protection and values engineers’ essential contribution to society.

The OIQ:

  • Prioritizes prevention and supports engineers in their practice.
  • Exercises influential leadership with stakeholders and society.
  • Promotes the expertise and know-how of engineers.
  • Stands out as a proactive, accessible, and inspiring organization.

You want to know more about how we protect you?

Consult the Declaration of service to citizens of the OIQ right now.

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