Benefits of Becoming a Member

Focus on the future

Membership in the OIQ is not just a formality. Being an engineer also comes with a whole range of benefits. You’ll see!

Being a member of the OIQ opens the doors to the practice of engineering in Quebec. Only those who hold an engineering permit and are registered with the OIQ can practice engineering and use the title of engineer.

Discover all the benefits!

1. Maintain your credibility over time

  • Get involved in activities reserved for the holders of the title of “engineer” (eng. and ing.)
  • Enjoy privileged access to training in your field thanks to MAESTRO.
  • Benefit from support focused on prevention and continuous improvement with supervised professional inspections.
  • Access tools adapted to your reality to improve your practice, such as the GPP or professional development tools.

2. Stay in the game

  • Quickly browse job postings from organizations that trust your credentials.
  • Network at the OIQ’s activities such as the annual conference and events in your region.
  • Be part of the change and become a member of our internal.
  • Stay on top of engineering news with Bulletin Plus, PLAN magazine and our other publications.
  • Find tools to enhance your skills and grow in your field.

3. Shine the light of genius and inspire the next generation

  • Become an active citizen in your region: create stimulating projects and promote the profession in your area.
  • Take an active part in training the next generation of professionals through our ambassador programs.
  • Share your expertise on new techniques and technologies, work methods or other themes that advance engineering.
See how you could get involve

4. Maintain your membership privileges

  • Find an engineering job, develop your career or start your own business.
  • Be part of a network of over 65,000 members and future members, the only ones able to perform the reserved activities provided for in the Act.
  • Be part of a movement bigger than yourself!