Disciplinary Council

An administrative tribunal

The Disciplinary Council is an autonomous and independent administrative tribunal of the OIQ whose mission is to protect the public. Find out about its role, how it works, and your recourse as a member of the public wishing to file a complaint.

What is the purpose of the Disciplinary Council?
Who can file a complaint with the Discipline Council?
How are the hearings conducted?
What are the possible penalties?
Can a decision be appealed?
Can I attend a hearing?
Is it possible to obtain a copy of a file or to validate an engineer’s disciplinary history?

Have you read our Guide?

The OIQ has created a guide that explains how the process works before the Disciplinary Council and how to make a private complaint. Do not hesitate to consult the Guide or  contact us if you have any questions.

Have you considered filing a report instead?

Unlike a private complaint filed with the Disciplinary Council, a report may be investigated by the Office of the Syndic.  . Following this investigation, the Office of the Syndic may, for example, decide to file a complaint with  the Disciplinary Council. If you choose to file a complaint directly with the Disciplinary Council without going through the Office of the Syndic, you will have to provide evidence in support of the disciplinary complaint.

I would prefer to file a report