I Have a Degree From Quebec

Graduated in Quebec ?

This page is intended for graduates from the province of Quebec. If you obtained your bachelor’s degree in engineering (or a related field) from an educational institution that is recognized by the Engineers Canada Accreditation Board (ECAB), this information is for you.

If you obtained your engineering degree in another province or in another country, your path may be different. Consult “future members” section to find the steps specific to your situation.

Steps to obtaining your engineering permit

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Would you like to see what the typical path to obtaining your engineering permit looks like?

Documents to provide for admission

  • A completed and signed application form for admission.
  • A copy of your birth certificate or other official proof of identity (e.g. passport, national identity card).
  • A final and official transcript for each degree in support of your application. These must be sent directly to the OIQ by the institution concerned.
  • If you graduated from McGill University or Concordia University, documents demonstrating that you have an adequate knowledge of French.
  • Payment of your application fees. See the fee schedule for the exact amount.

Why become a CEP ?

  • To obtain a permit and practice as a Eng.
  • To receive professional guidance and supervision
  • To gain access to a job that is commensurate with your degree.
  • To increase your career opportunities.
  • To be part of a network of over 70,000 members and future members.
  • To deepen your knowledge and skills.
  • To gain access to the OIQ’s exclusive resources, training and events.

50% discount offered to new graduates

Enrolment in the Professional Admission Program must be done within 6 months of the date of graduation from an undergraduate degree program at a Quebec university. A discount also applies to students who are currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in engineering and have obtained 60 credits or more.

For "non-engineering" degrees

You can apply for a permit if your undergraduate degree is in pure or applied science or technology, is at least equivalent to a Quebec bachelor’s degree. However, you must first  apply for a training equivalence.

Those with a degree in an engineering-related field go through the same steps to become an engineer as those who have an engineering degree, except they will need to provide more documentation upon admission. Here are the documents you will need to submit:

  • A completed and signed application form for admission.
  • A copy of your birth certificate, passport or permanent residence card. Only these documents are accepted.
  • A transcript of grades sent directly to the OIQ by the institution.
  • A description of each course taken to obtain each diploma submitted in support of your application. Please note that for this document, an official translation is not required.
  • Le Table of Corresponding Courses Descriptions and Transcripts. To complete this form, you must first have obtained your course description and your transcript.
  • An electronic copy of your diplomas. If this is not possible, an attestation, certified by the educational institution that issued the diploma, must be sent to us directly by the institution.
  • If applicable, the summary of your thesis, final year project or internship for all of your degrees.
  • A document demonstrating that you have appropriate knowledge of French for the practice of the profession (if your university studies were in English).
  • Payment of your application fee. See the fee schedule for the exact amount.

Request a review of your file

Do you disagree with a decision of the OIQ regarding your application for admission? The Candidate to the engineering profession (CEP) may ask the Board of Directors directly to review the conclusion of the Admission to Practice Committee. If you still feel that the decision is unjustified, you may file a complaint with the Commissioner for Admission to Professions.

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