Find a Supervisor

An essential step to becoming an engineer

A candidate to the engineering profession who enters the Professional admission program (PAP) must complete 24 months of practical engineering training.

This experience must be done under the supervision of an experienced engineer. The choice of this person is up to you but must be validated by the OIQ before starting your practical training.

What will be the role of your supervisor?

The supervisor’s role   can be summarized in three words: supervision, support, and evaluation.

Determine the training objectives

First, you will determine together the objectives of your practical training and the conditions for achieving them according to the program’s competency framework. This trusted individual will also confirm that you have all the required information and are performing all reserved activities under the immediate supervision of an engineer.


Do not  hesitate to ask any questions or seek advice and feedback regularly. This will help you develop the 6 target competencies of the Professional admission program (PAP), upon which you will be evaluated. This tool can be found in your CEP portal. It will make it easier to understand the competency framework (domain, context of achievement, actions, etc.) and the competency assessment with its milestones and evaluation scale.

Competency self-assessment

At the end of your practical training, your supervisor will validate your self-assessment of competencies according to the CEP competency framework. If necessary, they will consult with other engineers who have supervised you during this period.

Who should you choose?

The person supervising you may be a colleague, manager, or supplier. In all cases, this person must have a good knowledge of your daily work.

To be eligible, the individual must:

  • Have held an engineering permit for at least 3 years.
  • Have worked in engineering for at least 3 years within the last 5 years, in a field that is relevant to the CEP’s practical training objectives.
  • Not have had a permit revoked or restricted or not have been suspended, removed from the roll, or fined within the last 5 years.

Engineers from other provinces may only supervise non-reserved activities. If your supervisor is a person legally authorized to practice engineering outside Quebec, they may supervise you, provided that you carry out your reserved activities under the direction or immediate supervision of a member of the OIQ.

How do I find my supervisor?

Consult your CEP portal. You will find a private directory with a list of potential supervisors.

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