Your satisfaction is our priority

Has an OIQ employee not treated you suitably? Did they not respond to your request promptly?

Anyone who interacts with the OIQ is entitled to a quality customer experience. You can file a complaint if you have not been treated fairly, respectfully, or equitably.
Our complaint-handling policy is there to ensure the continuous improvement of our services. It helps us respond effectively to those who may be dissatisfied following an interaction with our staff.

Do you want to file a complaint against an engineer or someone violating the Engineers Act?

In these cases, you must file a report. Go to the Reporting page to learn more and to fill out the form.

We are committed to serving our members and the public

The OIQ deals diligently with all complaints received. When submitting your complaint, please include the following information in your message:

  • your name and contact information
  • the name of the direction or person against whom the complaint is made
  • a summary of the facts
  • if appropriate, any supporting documents related to the matter

It is important to note that some specific topics or areas cannot be challenged through a complaint. Some examples are given below.

  • Decisions and activities of a general and impersonal nature, such as the adoption of a regulation or a public position by the OIQ.
  • A decision made by the Board of Directors or by a body to which the OIQ has delegated any of its authority.
  • A decision made by the Syndic in the performance of their duties.
  • A decision for which the law provides a mechanism for reconsideration, review or appeal or the possibility of a recourse to another authority.
  • The conduct of a hearing by the Disciplinary Council.

The complaint policy also does not apply to professional inspection and illegal practice.

Do you disagree with a decision of the OIQ?

If you are in the process of becoming a member of the OIQ and disagree with a decision regarding your status, you can file a complaint. If you still do not agree with the decision, you can file a complaint with the Commissioner for admission to professions. The mission of the Commissioner is to ensure fair and effective access to the professions governed by a professional order. As such, any person who wishes to become an engineer and is of the view that their file has not been adequately handled, can file a complaint.

Once the complaint is filed, the analyst transmits their conclusions to the commissioner, who can then make recommendations or intervene with the OIQ to help clarify the situation or to unblock it.

Making a complaint

To file a complaint about an OIQ employee or to dispute an OIQ decision, click below. You will be redirected to the Contact the OIQ section, where you can fill out a contact form.

File a complaint