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All recent decisions and rulings that have been issued can be viewed online. Read on to access penal, professional, and disciplinary decisions and rulings.

Penal decisions

Quebec courts impose sanctions on individuals and corporations who are found guilty of the illegal practice of the profession or the illegal use of the of title “engineer”. Please note that the decisions are all in French.

Professional inspection and other decisions

On the recommendation of the Professional Inspection Committee, the Motions Committee may require an engineer to undergo continuing education measures. It may also impose a limitation or a suspension of the right to practice the profession during this period. Please note that the decisions are all in French.

Disciplinary decisions

Decisions rendered by the Disciplinary Council are public, subject to any confidentiality, nondisclosure, non-accessibility, non-publication or non-broadcast order.

Since June 1, 2001, the decisions of the Discipline Council are available free of charge on the SOQUIJ website at the following address:

Do you need to access a decision made before June 1, 2001? Fill out the form (in French) to request details about disciplinary decisions.


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