Who Can Become an Engineer?

How to obtain the right to practice?

The mission of the OIQ is to protect the public. To achieve this objective, the OIQ takes measures to control access to the engineering profession which is why the OIQ created the Professional Admission Program (*FR*). This program ensures that all engineers successfully complete the theoretical, practical, and linguistic components of the program before they can use the title “engineer”. In addition, engineers are subject to continuing education requirements, inspection visits and more.

An evolving profession

The OIQ has seen the profession develop over the past few years. In particular, the contribution of women in the engineering profession has increased significantly significant which is strongly encouraged by the OIQ. We also support Engineers Canada’s 30 in 30 initiative. Want to learn more about this topic? Visit our website Place for You.

How to become an engineer?

Would you like to know more?

As you can see, the OIQ issues permits only to those qualified to practice the profession. Would you like to know what else is being done to protect you? See our section on the protection of the general public!

I want to know how I am protected (*FR*)