I Have a Degree From Canada

What is a Canadian degree?

You are on the right page if you obtained your bachelor’s degree in engineering (or related field) from a Canadian institution (outside of Quebec) recognized by the Engineers Canada Accreditation Board (ECAB).

If you are already a member of a Canadian engineering association, visit the  I am a member of a Canadian association page.

Did you obtain your engineering degree in the province of Quebec or another country? Consult the section reserved for you to discover the steps specific to your situation.

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Documents to be provided

  • The completed and signed application for admission.
  • A copy of your birth certificate or other official proof of identity (e.g., passport, national identity card).
  • A transcript for each degree in support of your application. These must be sent directly to the OIQ by the institution concerned.
  • In cases where the degree was obtained five or more years before application, the applicant must demonstrate current knowledge by submitting one of the following documents:
    • A graduate degree in engineering or a field related to the undergraduate degree and its corresponding transcript. Note that the transcript must be sent directly to the OIQ by the institution (in electronic format only) and that the degree must have been earned within the last five years.
    • An email from an employee of the institution issuing the undergraduate degree confirming that the program content is consistent with what is currently offered to the student community. .
    • A certification of experience for a job held by the applicant within the last five years. Note that only one year of experience is sufficient if it is related to the field of study of the undergraduate degree.
  • Completed Certification of Engineering Experience Acquired in Canadaor Certification of Engineering Experience Acquired Outside Canada.
  • Payment of your application fee. See the fee schedule for the exact amount to pay.

Special cases

Working as an engineer in Quebec without an engineering degree

You want to work as an engineer in Quebec but do not have an engineering degree? If you have an undergraduate degree in pure or applied science or technology at least equivalent to a Quebec bachelor’s degree, you can apply to the OIQ for a training equivalence.

Individuals with a degree in an engineering-related field go through the same steps to become an engineer as those who have an engineering degree, except they will need to provide more documentation upon admission. Here are the documents you will need to submit:

  • A completed and signed application for admission.
  • A copy of your birth certificate.
  • A transcript of grades (sent by the school).
  • A description of each course taken to obtain each diploma. Please note that for this document, an official translation is not required.
  • Le Tableau de concordance des descriptifs de cours(in French). To complete this form, you must first have obtained your course description and your transcript.
  • An electronic copy of your diplomas. If this is not possible, an attestation, certified by the educational institution that issued the diploma, must be sent to us directly by the institution.
  • If applicable, the summary of your thesis, final year project or internship for all of your degrees.
  • A document demonstrating that you have appropriate knowledge of French for the practice of the profession (if your university studies were in English).
  • Payment of your application fee. See the fee schedule for the exact amount to pay.

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Request a review of your file

Do you disagree with a decision of the OIQ regarding your application for admission? The candidate to the engineering profession (CEP) may ask the Board of Directors directly to review the conclusion of the Admission to Practice committee . If you still feel that the decision is unjustified, you may file a complaint with the Commissioner for Admission to Professions.

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