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    Professional Examination 

    Member of another Canadian engineering association

    Since all Canadian engineering associations require candidates to pass a similar type of examination, members of such associations are exempt from taking a portion of the Quebec professional examination.

    The professional examination is not a technical examination. It is intended to verify the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the professional system and the legal environment in Québec.

    Terms and conditions

    • Duration: two hours and 15 minutes
    • Format: 76 multiple-choice questions about the deontological, ethical and legal aspects of the professional practice of engineering in Quebec.
    • Languages: The examination can be taken in French or English.
    • Documentation: No documentation is allowed during the examination
    • Passing requirements: A score of 60% is required (candidates who fail have to retake the examination and pay the cost of retaking it – see the fee schedule)
    • Results: sent by e-mail within 4 to 6 weeks of the examination.



    To register for the professional examination, you simply need to fill out and send the registration form for the professional examination.


    All of the study materials required by candidates to prepare for the examination can be found in the following document.

    Study document for candidates who are members of a Canadian engineering association.
    (available in French only)

    Once you have passed the professional examination, your file will be submitted to the Executive Committee for the purposes of issuing your engineer’s permit. This committee meets every six to eight weeks.

    Continuing Education
    Eligible hours of study under the Regulation respecting mandatory continuing education for engineers

    The hours devoted to studying for the OIQ’s Professional Examination can be counted as Continuing Education hours under the Regulation respecting the mandatory continuing education of engineers (available in French only).

    The number of hours of study that may be reported is determined using the following formula: duration of the examination multiplied by a factor of 3. Therefore, because the OIQ’s Professional Examination lasts two hours, six continuing education hours are admissible.

    For the purposes of reporting hours to the OIQ, these hours are equivalent to a course organized or offered by the OIQ (1st paragraph of section 5).

    Please note that these hours will not be eligible under the regulation if you do not successfully pass your examination. Once you have passed your examination, the Order will add the six hours to your file and an email will be sent to you. You will need to visit your portal to confirm this activity.

    Make the most of your study efforts and take advantage of this benefit.


    For more information, call the professional examination officer at 514 845-6141 or 1 800 461-6141, option 1, or write to sac@oiq.qc.ca.






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