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    Preparing for the Professional Examination 

    Study document for the Professional Examination

    All subjects covered by the professional examination are discussed in the following document (dated May 1, 2019. These subjects were taken from the professional practice guide:

    Subjects covered by the professional examination

    In accordance with the Regulation respecting other terms and conditions for the issuance of permits by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, the professional examination has 3 parts that cover clearly defined subjects:

    • Part 1 - Quebec’s professional system
      Objective: Familiarity with Quebec’s legislation respecting the professions, i.e. the Professional Code (chapter C-26), the Engineers Act (chapter I-9) and the regulations applicable to engineers adopted under these 2 laws;
    • Part 2 - Practice of the engineering profession
      Objective: Familiarity with the principles of professional practice, the concepts of ethics and professional conduct, the role and obligations of engineers in society, the social impact of technology, sustainable development, protection of the environment and the duty to maintain professional competencies;
    • Part 3 - The legal environment
      Objective: Familiarity with basic legal knowledge of civil liability, contractual law, intellectual property, general commercial law, labour law, construction law, environmental law and occupational health and safety law.


    Distribution of examination questions

    The following two tables show you how the questions are distributed over the three parts of the examination and the 5 chapters  of the study document.

    Distribution of questions over the three parts of the examination 
    Part 1 - Quebec’s professional system 32%
    Part 2 - Practice of the engineering profession  45%
    Part 3 - The legal environment 23%

    Distribution of the questions over the five chapters of the study document
    An engineer’s work 33.5%
    Professional legislation and governance 33.5%
    Professionalism, ethics and professional conduct 22%
    Engineering documents   8%
    Professional development 3%


    For more information, call the professional examination officer at 514 845-6141 or 1 800 461-6141, extension 2398, or write to examenprofessionnel@oiq.qc.ca.

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