Investigations of the Office of the Syndic

Knowing the steps to take and being prepared

Investigations are one of the means used by the OIQ to ensure the protection of the public. But we understand that being the subject of an investigation can be stressful. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of information that explains the process and how to properly prepare yourself.

All about the investigation

Why am I being investigated?

Investigations are conducted for a variety of reasons. They are usually related to behaviour which is inappropriate in the context of your professional practice. They can therefore be launched for anything related to the practice of engineering, whether it is a reserved activity or not.

Who can make a report?

Any individual or organization can report, including colleagues, client organizations, government agencies or public members.

How is the investigation conducted?

Following a report, the OIQ’s Office of the Syndic may decide to launch an investigation. The Office of the Syndic is bound by a duty of discretion to preserve the confidentiality of the process as much as possible.

The Office of the Syndic will ask you for your version of the facts and any documents it deems relevant . You are obliged to cooperate fully with the investigation and to respond as soon as possible.

On average, it takes less than a year from the start of  the investigation to its conclusion.

What are the possible conclusions of an investigation?

  • Conclusion of the investigation without further action if the Office of the Syndic deems the report unfounded.
  • Non-disciplinary measures (such as a warning, a reminder of certain ethical obligations or a request that a professional inspection be conducted).
  • Filing a complaint with the OIQ’s Disciplinary Council, followed by a hearing. Both of these steps are public.

What are my rights and obligations during the investigation?

  • You can hire a lawyer, but you must answer questions from the Office of the Syndic yourself.
  • You must cooperate fully with the investigation. You cannot remain silent or invoke professional secrecy or a confidentiality agreement.
  • You cannot communicate with the person who filed the report without written permission from the Office of the Syndic.

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