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    A privilege 

    In Québec, all practising engineers must be members of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. This is because membership is both a privilege and a duty.

    A privilegeMembership in a professional order is a privilege granted by Québec society; it recognizes the right of certain individuals to practise a specific profession. In return, to maintain its trust in these professionals, the public expects that they will provide their services in a competent, responsible manner.

    Accordingly, the Québec professional system recognizes that only those individuals entered on the roll of the Order who hold an engineer’s permit issued by the Order are entitled to perform the professional activities reserved to the profession or, in other words, to practise as an engineer.

    This system is designed to preserve the public’s trust in professionals, including engineers, because they provide services to society. By protecting the public, the Order enhances the reputation of integrity and professionalism associated with the title of “Engineer.”

    Throughout their professional careers, engineers are guided by four core values that help them maintain the public’s trust: competency, ethics, responsibility and social commitment.

    Therefore, you must be a member of the Order to lawfully practise the engineering profession.

    A duty

    Such a privilege involves obligations towards the Québec public. In Québec, all professions are regulated for a single purpose—public protection—and engineering is no exception. That is why engineers are regulated by the following legislation as they perform their professional activities:


    The government of Québec has therefore empowered the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec to ensure that all engineers observe these laws and regulations.

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