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This form is the only way to submit a report to the OIQ.

When to report

We encourage you to send us a report when you have doubts about an engineer’s competence, question their behaviour, wish to report a fraudulent practice or denounce a person practicing the profession without being registered with the OIQ.

Personal information

Your contact information will be kept confidential. Only duly authorized persons within the OIQ will have access to this information in the course of their duties and solely to process your report. For more information on how the OIQ handles your personal information and on your access and rectification rights, please consult our Privacy Policy available in french only: Politique de confidentialité des renseignements personnels


If you have any questions about this process, contact us : [email protected]

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The OIQ is committed to taking reasonable steps to preserve your anonymity. However, in the case of certain investigations, particularly those conducted by the syndic, the very nature of the investigative process and the gathering of evidence make it unlikely that anonymity can be maintained.

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