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    Regularization of a default 

    Suspending your default status
      You can have your default status suspended for one of the reasons below: 


    Exemption for a retired member who does not practice the profession


    Under the Regulation, two scenarios for retired members are possible:   

    In both cases, members agree not to practice the engineering profession.

    Scenario no. 1: Obtain retired member status on the roll

    To obtain this status, you must meet the following three conditions:

    •  be currently retired (have no employment income);

    • have been registered on the roll for a number of years that, when added to your age, is equal to or higher than 80;

    •  have been registered on the OIQ's roll, in one or more member categories, uninterrupted for the five years preceding the year in which you apply for "retired" status.


    When members who meet these conditions apply for retired member status and agree not to practice the profession, they may request an exemption from their continuing education requirements by filling out the application form for retired member status.

    Changes to the criteria for retired status starting on April 1, 2018

    New eligibility criteria for retired status

    The current conditions for retired status will be replaced by the following eligibility criteria starting on April 1, 2018. Thus, from that point forward, members must:

    • hold an engineer’s permit in the meaning of the OIQ’s regulations;

    • be 62 years old or older;

    • be retired, which means that they have ceased their professional engineering activities (they may still earn an income, just not from engineering);

    • agree not to practice engineering in the meaning of the Engineers Act, even for free;

    • agree to use the title “ingénieur à la retraite” in French and “retired engineer” in English (abbreviations will also be allowed, such as “ing. à la retraite” or “Retired Eng.”).


    As of April 1st 2018, a continuing education waiver will automatically be attributed to members who obtain the retired member status.


    Scenario no. 2: Declare a situation in which you are considered a retired member

    Members who cannot obtain retired member status on the OIQ's roll may be considered retired under the Regulation if they meet the following three conditions:

    •  They have ceased or reduced their professional activities due to their age.

    • They no longer have a full-time job in engineering, i.e. a position that requires an average of 30 or more hours of work per week on a regular basis.

    • They no longer practice the engineering profession.

    Members who satisfy these conditions and agree not to practice the profession may request an exemption from continuing education by taking the following steps:

    •  During annual registration periods (February and March of every year): Declare that they are retired and do not practice the profession when they register.

    •  Outside of annual registration periods: Follow the instructions that apply to their situation.


    When members obtain this exemption (retired – scenario no. 1 or no. 2), they agree to meet the abovementioned conditions and notify the OIQ of any change in their situation that causes them to no longer meet these conditions.

    This exemption has the following effects: The default status of members is suspended and they become exempted from their other continuing education requirements. This situation (suspended default status and exemption from continuing education) will last for as long as members remain retired and do not perform any act related to the engineering profession.

    In the event that the conditions warranting the exemption are no longer met, members will once again be subject to the continuing education requirements, meaning that they will need to correct their default status from an earlier period.


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    Medical reasons 

    Members who, for medical reasons, are unable to take training activities within the period of time specified in the notice of default may request that their default status be suspended while they are unable to take the training activities. They must submit a request for that purpose by e-mail and attach a medical certificate that states:

    •  that they are unable to take training activities for medical reasons;
    •  the period concerned by their situation;
    •  in the event of an indefinite period of time, the date of their next medical appointment.

    In the event of an indefinite period of time, members must inform the OIQ of their situation after every medical appointment by providing, if they continue to be unable to take training activities, a new medical certificate specifying the period of time that their condition will continue and, where applicable, the date of the next medical appointment.

    In the event that the period in which they are unable to take training activities lasts more than six months, members may request to be exempted from their continuing education requirements for the current reference period in their portal. This will automatically keep their default status suspended for the previous reference period.

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    Exemption for parental leaves

    Members who obtain a continuing education exemption for a parental leave will see their default status automatically suspended during their parental leave (maximum 12 months / 15 hours of exemption). To do so, members must submit a request in their portal and attach the “Benefit calculation report - Québec Parental Insurance Plan” document or a letter from their employer specifying the start and end dates of their parental leave.


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     Withdrawal from the OIQ's roll

    Note that if you withdraw from the OIQ’s roll and later decide that you want to be reinstated on it, once you have been reinstated, you will need to fulfil the continuing education requirements concerned by your previous default status.

    To obtain the form to request withdrawal from the roll, click here.

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