Mentoring For Students

A head start to boost your success!

Are you studying engineering? Fantastic! The OIQ is proud to count on you to ensure the future and the diversification of our profession. And we have a resource to help foster your development: the mentoring program.

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A rewarding experience

The program was a great opportunity to network in the engineering field and find a valuable resource to answer all my questions about the profession.

No matter how insecure I am or how many questions I have, my mentor provides guidance with kindness and without judgment. He or she is there to truly support me in building a solid career path in the right direction. Learning about my mentor’s experiences has opened me up to new career opportunities in engineering.

– Oranne Kientz, engineering student and mentee

4 reasons why a mentor is a must

Wouldn’t you like to expand your professional network? Ask all the questions that are on your mind? Get advice to better focus on your specialization? Or just talk about your passion with someone who understands you?

Nothing beats a constructive exchange of views and ideas with someone who is evolving in your chosen profession. That’s why the OIQ offers a mentoring program. This program provides opportunities to take stock of your professional aspirations, expand your network, and focus on the strengths that can elevate your career.

Still hesitating? Here are four reasons you should sign up for the OIQ’s mentoring program.

So, are you ready to sign up for the mentoring program?

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