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    Disciplinary decisions 

    The decisions rendered by the Disciplinary Council are public, subject to an order to hold a hearing in camera or an order banning the disclosure, access to, publication or release of information.

    This list does not include decisions in which the complaint was rejected or the respondent was acquitted, nor does it include cases in which the Council authorized the withdrawal of the complaint.

    The decisions of the Disciplinary Council may be appealed to the Professions Tribunal or be the subject of a judicial review. Therefore, they may not be final; a note to this effect is then included with the decision.

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    Belzile Pascal Rawdon Details 19/07/2018
    Bergeron Charles Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Details 26/03/2013
    Bergeron Luc Robert Victoriaville Details 17/12/2007
    Bernier Richard Sherbrooke Details 13/04/2017
    Blais Etienne Montréal Details 14/08/2018
    Blondin Bruno Laval Details 23/08/2010
    Blouin Patrice Laval 540-61-075009-156 28/09/2016
    Bordeleau Dany Sorel-Tracy Details 22/11/2010
    Bossus Stéphane St-Jérôme 700-61-130274-159 21/03/2017
    Bouchard Éric Mont-Saint-Hilaire Details 18/06/2020
    Boucher Robert Laval 540-61-093800-180 30/08/2018
    Boucher Claude Saint-François 450-61-063715-170 20/09/2017
    Boucher Martin Laval Details 24/09/2015
    Boucher Martin Laval Details 18/06/2020
    Boudreau Serge Laval 540-61-092903-175 05/11/2018
    Bourbonnais Alain Lachine Details 19/07/2018
    Bourgeois Claude Laval Details 12/04/2010
    Bousmal Salah Saint-Hyacinthe Details 21/05/2010
    Boyer Mario Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Details 26/08/2020
    Bradette Francis Beauharnois 760-61-102858-165 09/12/2016
    Brasserie au Tisonnier Laurentien inc. Brasserie au Tisonnier Laurentien inc. Saint-Jérôme 700-61-137749-161 07/10/2016
    Breton Louis Bromont Details 18/07/2019
    Brisebois Sébastien Notre-Dame-de-l'Île-Perrot Details 14/08/2014
    Brochu Jean-François Québec 200-61-225899-192 31/05/2019
    Brosseau Marc Île-Bizard Details 20/11/2008
    Brûlé Gilles C. Vancouver Details 08/05/2013
    Calado Daniel Saint-Laurent Details 16/04/2020
    Cardinal Jean-François Ste-Thérèse Details 23/08/2017
    Caron François Québec 200-61-207909-175, 200-61-207913-177 et 200-61-207911-171 06/12/2017
    Caron Jacques Longueuil 505-61-153119-169 24/11/2016

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