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    Professional supervision 

     PLAN issue Title of the PLAN column Link
    November-December 2020 Pli and Occasional Private Practice: A New Eligible Amount in 2021
    By Jocelyne Hébert
    September-October 2020 Lifting Equipment: No Room for Improvisation
    By Jocelyne Hébert
    July-August 2020 When Professional Inspection Goes Virtual
    By Jocelyne Hébert
    March-April 2020 The selfevaluation questionnaire: a positive reception
    By Jocelyne Hébert   Photos : Luis Medina
    January-February 2020 Professional inspection over time
    By Jean Lavoie, Eng. Chair of the Professional Inspection Committee
    September-October 2019 Two machine safety inspectors relate their experiences… PDF
    May-June 2019 Your professional liability insurance premium: a review of the situation PDF
    May-June 2019 THE OIQ INTRODUCES the self-evaluation questionnaire! PDF
    January-February 2019 SEISMIC PROTECTION OF BUILDINGS - Do you follow the Code and the standards? PDF
    November-December 2018 Occasional private practice : three things to keep in mind PDF
    September-October 2018 DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW? Three new profiles answer that question for you! PDF
    July-August 2018 CONTINUING EDUCATION : Excellent results for 2015-2017! PDF
    May-June 2018 Professional inspection gets a makeover : to improve our practice PDF
    May-June 2018 The reference framework : a tool for all engineers PDF
    May-June 2018 Two new competency profiles PDF
    March-April 2018 CONTINUING EDUCATION Activities Worth Discovering PDF
    January-February 2018 AUTOMATION SYSTEMS ENGINEERS… A New Tool Is Available to You! PDF
    January-February 2018 A Competency Profile for Temporary Structures: Why? PDF
    July-August 2017 SUPERVISION OF ENGINEERING WORKS : Pop quiz for junior engineers PDF
    May-June 2017 PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE : Some significant findings! PDF
    May-June 2017 Continuing education in SMEs A WIN-WIN AGREEMENT PDF
    March-April 2017 Continuing education in large companies PDF
    January-February 2017 For safer industrial machinery PDF
    November-December 2016 Engineers’ responsibilities that should not be taken lightly PDF
    November-December 2016 Engineers and shop drawings PDF
    July-August 2016 MANDATORY CONTINUING EDUCATION : great results for 2013-2015 PDF
    May-June 2016 Authenticate your 3D models with the OIQ’s digital signature PDF
    March-April 2016 Work supervision : New training,beneficial to the mandate PDF
    January-February 2016 Work supervision : Here is the competency profile! PDF
    January-February 2016 A new workplace? - Do yourself a favour : Notify us! PDF
    November-December 2015 JUNIOR, PRACTISING, RETIRED… How to find your status as an engineer! PDF
    November-December 2015 PREJUDICIAL ERRORS : Should you notify your client, your insurer or both? PDF
    Sept-October 2015 Junior Engineers: The professional exam has been “reformatted”! PDF
    Feb-March 2014 Private practice and the Ordre’s supplementary insurance PDF
    Feb-March 2014 Refrigeration now has its competency profile! PDF
    December 13-January 2014 New regulation for holders of engineering degrees from France - A simplified path! PDF
    October-November 2013 The new regulation to improve building safety - The engineer: a pivotal player! PDF
    October-November 2013 Geotechnical engineers - Here is your competency profile! PDF
    Aug-Sept. 2013 Engineers in private pratice
    Don't forget to enroll on the new insurance plan!
    June-July 2013

    Professional inspection committee - There may be a seat for you...

    April 2013 Internships - A springboard for future engineers PDF
    March 2013 PLI - A new regulation and a new group plan for private practice PDF
    March 2013 New framework for issuing temporary permits PDF
    Jan-Feb 2013  MUNICIPAL ENGINEERING : A most enlightening competency profile! PDF
    December 2012 You’ve decided to stop practising engineering? Here’s what you should know! PDF
    November 2012 Aeronautics: The engineer’s field of practice? PDF
    October 2012 Temporary permits: It’s up to you! PDF
    Aug-Sept. 2012 How to apply for a permit with the Ordre? PDF
    June-July 2012 The Ordre banks on three new tools PDF
    April 2012 An internship, to develop the six common competencies of engineering! PDF
    March 2012 Supervising an junior engineer: A good deed and a responsibility PDF
    March 2012 Professional liability insurance: What is private practice? PDF
    Jan.Feb 2012 Engineering documents : New guidelines published by the OIQ PDF
    December 2011 Do we have your valid address? PDF
    November 2011 The online Guide for engineers PDF
    October 2011 Building electricity - Competencies worth acquiring! PDF
    Aug-Sept. 2011 Fire protection : A competency profile to discover! PDF
    Aug-Sept. 2011 Professional inspections have changed! PDF
    May 2011

    Why is intellectual property so interesting?

    April 2011 Software, a wonderful tool... of which to be weary! PDF
    March 2011

    Three women, one passion... engineering

    Jan.-Feb. 2011 Internships
    A necessary transition period
    December 2010 Mobility of engineers practicing in Canadian soil
    A new regulation in force in Quebec
    Sept.-Oct. 2010  The Ordre launches its course for professionals trained abroad PDF 
    June 2010 The engineer and the conflict of values PDF
    June 2010  The Competency profile: completely new and very useful PDF 
    May 2010  Why use the Ordre's digital signature provided by Notarius? PDF
    April 2010 In today’s context, how do the values of our profession fit into our everyday lives? PDF
    Feb.-March 2010 Junior engineers acquiring experience:
    a requirement rewarded with an engineer’s title
    Oct.-Nov. 2009 Coming soon
    A course for professionals trained abroad
    Oct.-Nov. 2009

    Unlawful practice
    Author of his own misfortune

    Aug.-Sept. 2009 Work carried out on elevators: plans and specifications duly authenticated by an engineer are mandatory... it’s a matter of security! PDF
    June-July 2009 Would you be ready for a professional inspection? PDF
    May 2009 Training on domestic waste water treatment
    You’re sure to be surprised!
    April 2009 Agri-environment and the engineer:
    a few answers to your questions
    March 2009 Should one be insured... or not?
    The answer is obvious!
    Jan.-Feb. 2009 When one’s title is at risk… PDF
    December 2008 The PIC needs new experts: could you be one of them? PDF
    November 2008 Share it or hide it: what should you do with your stroke of genius? PDF
    October 2008 Municipal infrastructures and environment quality:
    Understanding a new regulation
    Aug.-Sept. 2008 Professional inspection committee: Candidates Wanted
    June-July 2008 Temporary and unfinished works and structures
    The engineer as a key player in preventing a collapse
    May 2008 Automatic sprinkler systems: know-how worth knowing! PDF
    April 2008 A questionnaire with a future PDF

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