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    Professional Development Committee (Continuing Education)   

    Classification : committee related to the public protection


    Mixed committee composed of four engineer members and a director of the OIQ.


    Provide the Board of Directors with specific and reliable information concerning issues relating to mandatory continuing education for OIQ members.

    Selection criteria

    The members must:
    • be engineers and have been registered on the OIQ’s roll for at least 5 years;
    • have regularly taken training activities directly related to their professional practice;
    • be up to date in their continuing education requirements;
    • having solid knowledge of the continuing education environment in the field of engineering is considered an asset;
    • at least one of the members should practice the profession in a region other than the Montreal or Quebec City urban communities.


    Member of the Board of Directors

    Frequency of meetings

    At least two meetings per year and as needed to answer file review requests within the prescribed periods of time.

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