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    Disciplinary Council 

    Constituted under section 116 of the Professional Code, the Disciplinary Council hears all complaints made against professionals for offences under the Professional Code, the Engineers Act or any regulation adopted under these statutes.

    The Disciplinary Council is made up of 18 members: the chair, who is a lawyer appointed by the government of Québec, and 17 engineers appointed by the Order’s Board of Directors. Three people are assigned to each complaint hearing: the chair of the Disciplinary Council and two engineers.

    In first instance, the Disciplinary Council decides whether the member named in the disciplinary complaint is guilty of an offence. It is authorized to decide whether an offence was committed by:

    • any member of the Order
    • any individual who was a member of the Order at the time the alleged action was committed: this means that any member who has stopped practising (because of retirement, suspension, striking off the roll or revocation of permit) and who committed a disciplinary offence when they were duly registered on the roll could be the subject of a complaint.


    When a member or ex-member has been found guilty of an offence, the penalties imposed by the Disciplinary Council may range, depending on the seriousness, from a simple reprimand to a fine, a temporary or permanent striking off the roll, a restriction of the right to practise or even the revocation of one’s permit.

    The Disciplinary Council receives complaints from the Office of the Syndic, who is responsible for enforcing the obligations of engineers by examining any requests for inquiry that are submitted. The disciplinary measures imposed are designed to correct and penalize the professional misconduct of engineers and thus ensure the protection of the public.

    A private complainant can also lodge a complaint directly with the Disciplinary Council of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec.

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