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    Sponsorship program 



    Sponsorship meetings can now take place via videoconference.


    Although the Sponsorship Program is an optional activity, recent graduates are strongly urged
    to participate. It is designed to help Junior Engineers integrate into the profession. The key elements
    of the Sponsorship Program are as follows:

    • It enables candidates to confer with experienced Engineers on the rights and responsibilities
    of Engineers and the core values of the profession.
    • It consists of six meetings, lasting a minimum of 75 minutes each.
    • The meetings must take place over a period of at least 15 months.

    The program enables Junior Engineers to discuss various ethical issues related to the Engineering profession, while the expertise of an experienced Engineer helps Junior Engineers put their first work experiences into perspective. In addition, after completing the Sponsorship Program, a Junior Engineer receives an experience credit of eight months.  Furthermore, once the Sponsorship Program is completed, the Junior Engineer will obtain an experience credit of 8 months and a continuing education credit of 7.5 hours. The Engineer who is sponsoring the Junior Engineer will also obtain a continuing education credit of 7.5 hours.


    To learn more about the Sponsorship Program, please consult the following sections:

    Registering for the sponsorship program (access to members only)
    Overview of the sponsorship program 

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