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    Objective: woman engineer 

    Meet the challenges that arise in your career path with the help of a mentor.

    Do you have questions about the job market? Want to get some helpful advice from an engineer with real-life experience?

    Here are some specific ways that a mentorship can help you:

    Develop YOUR professional skills

    Develop YOUR knowledge of ethics, YOUR independence and YOUR self-confidence

    Develop YOUR networking skills

    Make informed decisions about opportunities in engineering

    Increase YOUR knowledge of the business world


    Apply to become a mentee


    The program can accommodate only 200 women engineering students. Mentees will be selected to ensure regional distribution, based on the availability of mentors and the quality of the applications.

    The Practical Guide has all the answers to your questions.

    Practical Guide for Mentors and Mentees


    Have questions? Write to campagne.recrutement@oiq.qc.ca


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