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    The Compass is no longer online 

    Towards the coming into force of the new Regulation respecting the standards for equivalence of diplomas and training for the issue of a permit by the OIQ, please note that the Compass, the OIQ's application outlining the professional path to follow to obtain an engineer's permit, is no longer accessible. The new regulation respecting equivalences will take effect on May 31, 2018 and it will completely replace the one currently in force.


    The change stems from the OIQ's wish to increase the number of permits being obtained by Foreign-Trained Professionals (FTPs) and to reduce the average time for entry into professional practice. As of May 31, all FTPs will submit their application online and will be subject to the new Regulation. A more personalized approach will be taken in evaluating equivalence applications, including the consideration of work experience for recognition of acquired competencies. While the process for obtaining the permit will remain as rigorous, it will be better adapted to the FTP reality and more encouraging to applicants.

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