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    Protection of the public 


    Engineering, a regulated profession

    How can you be certain that someone is actually entitled to engage in the practice of engineering?
    Can you lodge a complaint pertaining to the work performed by an engineer? What ethical rules
    bind an

    The OIQ seeks to ensure the protection of the public by overseeing and by monitoring the practice
    of the engineering profession throughout Quebec.

    Not just anyone can be an engineer!

    In Quebec the title of engineer is exclusively reserved for those holding a permit to practice
    the profession. Only the OIQ can issue such permits. The OIQ:

    • Controls access to the engineering profession.
    • Supervises its members' practices.
    • Oversees the professional conduct of its members and their compliance with regulations.

    All engineers who are members of the Order are required to comply with:

    Upon issuance of an engineering permit, an engineer is also entered on the Order's roll.
    This means t
    he engineer is an official member of the Order and holds the status of a professional,
    with all attendant privileges and duties.

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