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    Work groups 

    A work group is a group that is temporarily formed by the President or the Executive Director to support management, the Board of Directors, or a committee in its work.

    The OIQ would like to draw up a list of members with specific expertise in certain sectors (e.g. artificial intelligence, infrastructures and climate change, automation, biomedical engineering, electronic engineering, IT, risk management, transportation and mobility) to participate in potential work groups where particular issues will be discussed.

    A work group’s responsibilities may range from issuing an opinion to simply providing input in the deliberations underway at the OIQ. Work groups may be formed, for example, to provide the OIQ with the points of view and knowledge of OIQ members who practice the profession in various economic sectors.

    Selection criteria:
    The work group must be composed of people who have the qualities and competencies required to carry out the specific responsibilities that have been assigned to it.

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