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Training - 21 January 2015

Québec | Documents d'ingénierie : maîtrisez les règles (French only)

Event - 22 January 2015

Gatineau | Billard des ingénieurs de l’Outaouais (French only)

Training - 22 January 2015

Québec | 4 conférences autour du thème de l’innovation (French only)

Training - 27 January 2015

Québec | Déjeuner #3 - La responsabilité de l'ingénieur (French only)

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 Last year, the OIQ received 53 DISCLOSURES of criminal or disciplinary OFFENCES. Out of those, 39 were from candidates for the profession, three were from former members who wanted to become engineers again and 11 were from OIQ members.

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