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    Want to report fraudulent practice or lodge a complaint against an engineer whose competence or conduct is questionable? Depending on the nature of the complaint, we invite you to contact one of the following resources.

    The Office of the Syndic is responsible for complaints about the improper conduct of OIQ members: negligence, lack of integrity, recklessness, lack of diligence or any other offence that an engineer could commit against the Code of Ethics of Engineers, the Engineers Act or pursuant regulations.
    It reviews all inquiry requests submitted to it and forwards the complaints to the Disciplinary Council
    of the OIQ, if appropriate.

    A complainant may also contact the Disciplinary Council directly to file a private complaint with it. Independent of the OIQ, this tribunal has the power to penalize engineers who are found guilty
    of a disciplinary offence. The purpose of disciplinary measures is to correct and penalize engineers who are guilty of professional misconduct and protect the public.

    The Review Committee receives review requests from inquiry requesters who are dissatisfied with
    the syndic's decision not to lodge a complaint. It may conclude that there is no reason to lodge a complaint, suggest that the syndic complete his or her inquiry or entrust the case to the Professional Inspection Committee or even conclude that there are grounds for lodging a complaint with the Disciplinary Council.

    The Professional Inspection Committee receives complaints about incompetence demonstrated
    by engineers. If you believe, for example, that an engineer has performed work without having the required competence, please contact this committee.

    The Enforcement Department reviews complaints about unlawful practice by a physical person
    or legal entity that is not a member of the OIQ, such as unlawful practice of the profession, the use
    of unsealed and unsigned plans, unlawful use of the reserved title or engineering work that is not performed under the supervision of an engineer.

    To access the Form for Reporting an Irregularity, please click here.

    A Conciliation and Arbitration of Accounts Department is also possible at the OIQ. If, as a client, you disagree with an engineer on the amount of fees that he or she is charging you, you may request the Order to mediate between you and the engineer and, where applicable, hear your case and arbitrate the dispute.

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