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    The Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec awards the 2012 Prix Génie innovation

    lundi 28 mai 2012
    • Montreal, May 28, 2012 – The Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec has awarded the 2012 Prix Génie innovation to the Cegertec WorleyParsons team for its outstanding work in reinforcing nine gussets on the upstream ramp of Honoré-Mercier Bridge in a situation that required urgent action. Marc-Olivier Bessette, Eng., Director of Bridge Infrastructures – Transportation at Cegertec WorleyParson, received the award on behalf of his team at the 2012 Gala de l’excellence as part of the activities of the Annual OIQ Conference.
    • “Cegertec WorleyParsons brings honour to the profession by showing that it is possible to innovate in engineering, even when repairing existing works,” stated Maud Cohen, Eng., President of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, during the award ceremony.

      In June 2011, after noting the deteriorated condition of the gussets joining the trusses to the steel structure, Transports Quebec had to significantly reduce the traffic on Mercier Bridge to ensure public safety. The Cegertec WorleyParsons team was chosen by the contractor, Mohawk Bridge Consortium, to assist it in searching for solutions for reinforcing nine gussets on the upstream ramp of Honoré-Mercier Bridge in the summer of 2011.

      The innovative solution developed by Cegertec WorleyParsons in close collaboration with the contractor and steel supplier (Par-metal) was to reinforce the gussets by adding new gusset plaques inside the triangular panel points, which was a delicate and extremely complicated process. The team used its expertise and energy to serve the public and did exceptional work that met safety standards, requirements and deadlines.

      The goal of the Prix Génie Innovation is to encourage innovative engineering by recognizing its value both in terms of the results achieved and the efforts made. Innovative engineering rewarded by this award must absolutely help improve the quality of life of human beings and reflect the fundamental values of the engineering, which are competence, responsibility, social commitment and ethics.

      About Cegertec WorleyParsons
      Cegertec WorleyParsons is a new joint venture in Québec that was formed in April 2012 and combines the expertise of two leaders in engineering and project management, Cegertec and WorleyParsons.

      Cegertec WorleyParsons is a leading expert in carrying out projects in the sectors that have made its reputation: energy, industry (mines and metals), transportation, infrastructure and buildings. This joint venture is also a centre of excellence in Québec in the mining and metals industry, especially aluminium.

      About the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec
      Founded in 1920, the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec has a membership of more than 62,000 engineering professionals in all fields, except forest engineering. The mission of the OIQ is to ensure the protection of the public by supervising the practice of the profession within the framework of its constituent law and by-laws, as well as ensuring that the profession serves the public interest.

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