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    Ethics and professional conduct 

     PLAN issue Title of the PLAN column Link 
    September-october 2019 Socially responsible engineers, three examples not to follow PDF
    July-august 2019 Offences that strike at the very heart of the profession PDF
    May-june 2019 Give your opinion, yes, but never take it lightly! PDF
    March-april 2019 How are whistleblowers protected? PDF
    January-february 2019 Self-management skills in the #MeToo era PDF
    November-december 2018 Performance specifications : Engineering documents that should not be overlooked! (continued) PDF
    September-october 2018 Engineering documents that should not be overlooked! PDF
    July-August 2018 A LITTLE PREVENTION : The importance of the contract PDF
    May-June 2018 The ethics hotline and its results PDF
    March-April 2018 Your Is Name on the OIQ’s Roll TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC PDF
    January-February 2018 A Little Prevention… DOESN’T HURT! PDF
    September-October 2017 COOPERATING WITH THE OFFICE OF THE SYNDIC : a choice or an obligation? PDF
    July-August 2017 A little prevention PDF
    May-June 2017 Responsible, from start to finish PDF
    March-April Professional misconduct: It doesn’t just happen to others! (2nd part) PDF
    January-February 2017 Professional misconduct: It doesn’t just happen to others! PDF
    November-december 2016 Find the 10 mistakes PDF
    July-August Why is it important to document your files? PDF
    March-April 2016 Too busy to meet with an inspector… PDF
    January-February 2016 Are disciplinary sanctions tough enough? PDF
    Nov-Dec 2015 LIMITING AN ENGINEER’S RIGHT TO PRACTISE: Understanding “where the problem lies” PDF
    Sept-Oct 2015 Is the bidding slip an infinitely flexible document? PDF
    Feb-March 2014 Risk management: your responsibility PDF
    December 2013 - January 2014 What business had he to be on that galley? PDF
    October-November 2013 Intimidation, an attitude unworthy of the profession PDF
    Aug-Sept. 2013 Big projects, important clients... be careful! PDF
    June-July 2013 Engineers and the weight of words PDF
    April 2013 Commission Charbonneau - Recalling certain ethical rules PDF
    March 2013 How to react when faced with a rigged invitation to tender? PDF
    Jan.-Feb 2013 ANTI-CORRUPTION TOOLS : How to react when faced with a rigged invitation to tender? PDF
    December 2012 Competence, a question of selfmanagement skills as well (Part 2) PDF
    November 2012 Competence, a question of selfmanagement skills as well (Part 1) PDF
    October 2012 Health and safety: an ever present concern for engineers PDF
    Aug-Sept. 2012 Individual responsibility, everyone’s business! PDF
    June-July 2012 Junior engineer, a hybrid status worth knowing PDF
    May 2012 RECKLESS ENGINEERS : Behaviour leading to serious consequences! PDF
    April 2012 Are a company’s executives and upper management subject to the laws and regulations that govern the practice of the profession? PDF
    March 2012 Scenario of an ethical dilemma (part 2) PDF
    Jan.-Feb 2012 Scenario of an ethical dilemma PDF
    December 2011 Interfering with the syndic's or the PIC's work, a serious and
    far-reaching offence
    November 2011 Is the person paying the bill the engineer’s only client? PDF
    October 2011 Before accepting a mandate, step back and take stock! PDF
    Aug-Sept. 2011 Does your seal foster unlawful practice? PDF
    June-July 2011 Conflicts of interests
    A very important case
    May 2011

    Respecting one’s obligations towards man:
    an essential duty of utmost importance

     March 2011 Would you be able to recognize a conflict of interest? PDF 
    Jan.-Feb. 2011 Five examples not to follow in order to avoid facing the Disiplinary Council PDF 
    December 2010  Ethics telephone line and on-line web tools for engineers PDF 
    November 2010  The Office of the Syndic: what is its role?  PDF 
    Sept.-Oct. 2010  Helping and being helped: limits that must be respected  PDF 
    June 2010  Dishonest and doubtful practices: examples not to follow! PDF 
    May 2010  Liability (part 2)
    A "small mandate" that became a BIG problem!
    April 2010 Responsibility, an optional value? PDF
    Feb.-March 2010 Engineers and their employers:
    what becomes of professional independence?
    Oct.-Nov. 2009 Reduced services for reduced fees? PDF
    Oct.-Nov. 2009 Ethics and code of conduct PDF
    Aug.-Sept. 2009 The “little brown envelope”? never! PDF
    June-July 2009 Violating the Code of ethics of engineers
    Do you have an obligation to inform?
    May 2009 The “good faith” defence PDF
    April 2009 A junior and a professional? Absolutely! PDF
    Jan.-Feb. 2009 When the past comes back to haunt an ex-junior engineer… PDF
    Jan.-Feb. 2009 Incompetence and its consequences PDF
    Decembrer 2008 Inspection report: unforeseen work for the new owners PDF
    November 2008 Can engineers act as their client’s supplier’s supplier? PDF
    October 2008 Two guilty pleas PDF
    Aug.-Sept. 2008 Repeat offences don’t pay PDF
    June-July 2008 An inescapable priority for the engineer: protecting the environment PDF
    May 2008 The professional, ethical conduct and the public’s security PDF
    April 2008 Affixing a seal: are there conflicting regulations? PDF

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