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    A self-governing organization

    Like all of the professional orders chartered by the Government of Quebec, the OIQ
    is a self-governing organization. This means that its members actively participate in its
    management and in its operations, thereby enhancing the OIQ's effectiveness. This principle is evident in the Order's structure:

    The OIQ is administered by its Board of Directors and by the Executive Committee :

    • twenty engineers elected by other members, based on a representative regional distribution;
    • four representatives of the public, appointed by the Office des professions du Québec.

    The Board of Directors must fulfill its duties under the law. As its primary responsibility is to oversee
    and to administer the business of the Order, the Board of Directors serves as the OIQ's general representative. The Board of Directors also serves as the OIQ's fiduciary representative and is responsible for earning revenues from the property that it oversees. Finally, the Board of Directors
    is responsible for application of the Professional Code, the Engineers Act and regulations adopted pursuant to these laws, such as the Code of Ethics of Engineers.

    The Executive Committee administers the Order's day-to-day business, under powers delegated
    to it by the Board of Directors. This committee is made up of the following five Board of Directors members:

    • the president, whose role is to:

              - preside over meetings;
              - exercise general supervisory authority over the Order's business;
              - coordinate and ensure the continuity of the work of the Board of Directors
                and the meetings of its members.

    • three vice presidents:
    • and one of the public representatives appointed by the Office des professions du Québec.


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