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    OIQ Committees   

    Many members of the OIQ serve voluntarily on various committees and work groups. Some committees are required by the Professional Code or the Engineers Act and as such are labelled "statutory”.


    Statutory Committees

    • The Disciplinary Council  reviews every complaint formulated against a professional for an offence under the Professional Code, under the Engineers Act or under regulations made pursuant to the Code or said Acts. This Committee evaluates the merits of such complaints  and hands down a decision. It consists of 18 members, including the President, a lawyer appointed by the Government of Quebec and 17 engineers designated by the Board of Directors.


    • The Professional Inspection Committee supervises the professional practice of OIQ members, including by reviewing  their files. This Committee also investigates individual professional competencies when warranted by circumstances . 


    • The Review Committee issues an opinion when so asked by a person who had previously requested that an investigation be conducted by the Office of the Syndic and who was subsequently advised by this office that it would not lodge a complaint with the Disciplinary Council. The Review Committee consists of five engineers, including the President  and four representatives of the public.
    • The Professional Practice Admission Committee (previously named the Examiners' Committee) is responsible for reviewing admissions applications from applicants whose diplomas are not recognized by the government as diplomas that qualify for an engineer's permit.
    • The Election Monitoring Committee advises the Secretary of the OIQ on the execution of electoral processes, where appropriate. It answers the questions that are submitted to it by the Secretary of the OIQ, receives the complaints that are directly related to the electoral process and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors, where appropriate.


    Besides statutory committees, the OIQ relies on two standing committees: the Finance and Audit Committee and the Governance Committee.

    Some topic specific committees may also be established based on fixed term mandates, as in the case of the Enforcement Committee over the 2011-2012 fiscal year.

    Finally, the OIQ also relies on liaison committees, such as the CODIQ-OIQ-CREIQ Liaison Committee and the Assembly of Engineers Liaison Committee.


    Here is the complete list of OIQ committees and work groups:


    Disciplinary Council Committee

    Professional Practice Admission Committee (previously named the Examiners' Committee)

    Professional Inspection Committee

    Review Committee

    Election Monitoring Committee


    Finance and Audit Committee

    Governance Committee


    CODIQ-OIQ-CREIQ Liaison Committee

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