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    About the OIQ 


    The OIQ: quality assuranceComputers, roads, buildings, agriculture, prescription drugs, industrial manufacturing, video games, vehicles, materials... the engineer profession is not only practiced in many different fields, but has a profound effect on our lives. That is why the work produced by engineers must be impeccable and completely reliable at all times and in all circumstances. In fact, the Québec government has entrusted the OIQ with the responsibility of ensuring that more than 62,000 members offer the best professional services in the unique interest of protecting Québec society.


    The mission of the OIQ is to protect the public by acting to ensure that engineers serve society with professionalism, compliance and integrity in the public interest.

    To succeed in its mission, the OIQ:
    • controls access to professional practice, i.e. it imposes specific conditions that must be met in order to become and remain an engineer. All engineers who want to practice in Québec must be members of the OIQ (except for forest engineers, who have their own professional order).
    • monitor its members’ practice and their professional conduct.
    • make sure that only its members perform the acts reserved for engineers.

    Furthermore, the OIQ specifically admits and supports new members, monitors and improves engineering practice and implements a disciplinary framework. It also conducts specific activities to promote prevention, raise the profile of the profession, improve and maintain competencies and ensure that engineers fulfill their ethical and professional obligations in their professional practice.

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