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    Privacy Statement and Terms of Use 


    I - Terms of Use

    The Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (the Order) owns and operates a Website located at www.oiq.qc.ca (the Site). All addresses containing the main domain name "oiq.qc.ca" are also considered part of the Site, (e.g., formationcontinue.oiq.qc.ca, gpp.oiq.qc.ca, jobs.oiq.qc.ca, guidedufuturingenieur.oiq.qc.ca), as are the following addresses: bulletinsoiq.qc.ca, www.placepourtoi.ca, and www.oiq.org/formationpfe.

    Unless otherwise indicated on the Site, the Site is accessible to all users (the User). By browsing on this site, you agree to the following terms. If you do not agree to abide by these terms, please do not use the Site.

    The Order may change the following information at any time simply by updating this Web page of the Site.

    II - Limitation of Liability 

    The texts, opinions, advice and information expressed or published on the Site or through hyperlinks are the sole responsibility of their authors, not the Order. This includes the information available in the pages of the 15 Regional Sections. The content and hyperlinks on the site are provided for educational and informational purposes only. The User must not, under any circumstances, interpret them as professional advice. The information, documents and images on the site are provided on an "as is" basis, as of the date posted on the page consulted. The Order may not be held liable for the veracity of the Site's advertising content.

    The Order does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the Site, hyperlink contents or email links provided on the Site. The Order reserves the right to modify the Site without notice. The Order intends to keep the Site up-to-date, but it does not guarantee that it will perform continuous updates. The Site may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. The Order assumes no liability for any errors or omissions found on the Site or for any loss whatsoever caused in connection with using this Website. In the event that users find an error or omission on the Site, they are asked to contact the site administrator [edimestre@oiq.qc.ca].

    The Site may contain links to external Websites; these links are provided solely as a convenience to the User and do not signify that the Order endorses, supports, or belongs to the corporations or organizations that publish these sites. The Order is not responsible for the content of any such sites and does not warrant or make any representations concerning other Websites, their content or the materials available on them.

    Although hosted on the Order's Web server and sharing a domain name, the Website of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec Foundation (foiq.qc.ca) is an entity totally independent of the Order and is solely responsible for the content on its site.

    Hyperlinks to the Site
    The Order authorizes the use of hyperlinks to its Website as long as the content and nature of the referring site do not prejudice the Order.

    III - Copyright

    The design and content of this site are protected by copyright law and Quebec, Canadian and international intellectual property laws. All information and documents available on the Site are the exclusive property of the Order. The name oiq.qc.ca, all its sub-domains (e.g., jobs.oiq.qc.ca and formation.oiq.qc.ca), placepourtoi.ca and the Order's logo are the property of the Order.

    The User is strictly prohibited from reproducing for distribution, in any form whatsoever, the texts, computer codes, opinions, notices, videos, images, training modules, files and information contained, expressed or published on the Site. However, the User may send a written request to reproduce site content for distribution to the Order [edimestre@oiq.qc.ca]. Once the request is approved, the User must follow the Order's instructions in this regard.

    The User is strictly prohibited from selling or modifying, for public or commercial purposes, the texts, opinions, notices, videos, images, training modules and information contained, expressed or published on the Site.

    IV – Security and Privacy

    The Order uses a security system to protect its electronic and computer communications. However, the Order is no way liable for the potential transmission of computer viruses of any kind. Users browse the site and download documents and images from the site at their own risk.

    Although the Order does everything necessary to ensure the security of the site, it is not liable for any damage caused to the User or third parties using the site.
    Cookies are small text files saved on the User’s hard disk. They are harmless. The Order uses cookies on the site for three distinct purposes.

    1. To improve the browsing experience, the Order uses a cookie to play the introductory video on the Site's home page. Once the User has already viewed this video, it will no longer appear on the home page.

    2. To analyze traffic on its various Websites, the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec uses Google Analytics software. This software uses cookies to record visitor behaviour, such as the number of site visits, pages visited and the duration of visits. Cookies cannot be used to personally identify visitors. The information obtained is used solely for statistical purposes.

    3. To analyze its electronic communication tools, the Order uses a combination of tools to gather statistics on online behaviour. These tools are used to verify email addresses and note the date and time that messages are received and opened. These data help optimize the transmission of emails in addition to ensuring that the Order's rules for sending bulk emails are respected. The information obtained is used solely for statistical purposes.

    These data remain completely anonymous and are simply used to improve the Site so it will better meet its visitors' needs.

    Electronic payments
    When electronic payments are made on the Order's transactional sites, no personal information associated with the payment is recorded or saved by the Order.

    V – Jurisdiction

    This agreement is governed and interpreted under Quebec and Canadian law. Any legal dispute arising from this agreement will be brought before a court in the judicial district of the headquarters of the Order, which is Montreal.

    For more information or to register a comment about this policy or the use of the Website, please contact [edimestre@oiq.qc.ca]



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