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    Educational Initiatives In Schools 

    Profession Promotion ProgramEngineers are the prime ambassadors and communicators of their own profession. The OIQ receives over 500 requests annually from the school sector, and through its volunteer representatives, makes about 100 high school visits. Throughout Quebec, the OIQ operates with the cooperation of its Regional Committees. In each of these, a volunteer coordinates school visits by his/her colleagues and ensures follow-up. The Secretariat of the OIQ serves as a link between those in charge of promotion at the regional level and in the school sector.

    As part of our Profession Promotion Program, the OIQ offers:


    When invited and depending on their availability, volunteer engineers in your area will be happy to meet with your students during school hours and give a presentation sharing their professional, daily experiences with them.


    We also have a pool of volunteers for career days. Facilitators are available on a one-on-one basis to answer young people's questions at their stand.

    The Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec thanks you for promoting the engineering profession with your students. Please forward all speaker or facilitator request to Julie Sageau, regional officer, at this address: Julie.sageau@oiq.qc.ca

    Request for documentation

    The OIQ has documentation available for you at no charge.

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