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Becoming an engineer 

Are you thinking about the engineering profession? Are you curious about the process of becoming an engineer and the requirements that you will have to meet to become one? Regardless of whether you are in secondary school, CEGEP or studying engineering at university, the OIQ can provide you with all of the information you need to make the best possible choices.

Innovating, creating solutions, inventing, using your brain to serve humanity: now that is an exciting career prospect! If those things interest you, then you should probably take a closer look at the engineering profession. With nearly 30 fields of specialty, a career in engineering is full of possibilities: the environment, computer science, biomedical research, telecommunications, electricity, transportation, aerospace, transportation, sustainable development, etc.

This section will inform you about the engineering profession, the place of women in engineering and the conditions for admission to university, STRENG.TH, the OIQ’s student section, OIQ awards and scholarships that reward excellence and the guide for future engineers (in French only), a real gold mine of information that explains each step of the process of becoming an engineer.

In fact, this section has everything you need to know to show your ingenuity. After all, you could actually be asked to work anywhere in the world, since Québec engineers are world renowned for the excellence of their work.

2014 convention of the CRÉIQ - Students expressing their opinion about their futur profession (French only)

Girls in engineering!

Gone are the days when engineers work alone in their offices. If you want to work as an engineer today, you have to know how to work with others, communicate, rally teams around a project, understand client needs, etc. These are all qualities that many girls definitely have.

If contributing to the lives of others motivates you, there are is a good chance that engineering will be an exciting career for you. To find out more about the kind of opportunities that engineering can offer girls, visit the A Place for You Web site.

Educational initiatives in schools

As part of its engineering promotional program, the OIQ has developed several tools that you can use to discover engineering. For example, volunteer engineers can come to your school and share their professional experience with students in a presentation. They can also attend your career days and answer questions directly. For more information, click here.


A place for you in engineering?

Are you drawn to the engineering profession, but need to know more about it before taking the plunge?

The Web site entitled “A place for you” was specifically created for secondary school and CEGEP students to answer their engineering-related questions before they choose a career: What is an engineer? How do I become one? What is the employment situation? etc. This site also answers their questions once they have made their decision: Which schools and universities offer training? Which courses do I have to take? What are the job opportunities? etc.

To find out more, click here.

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