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    Supervision of unlawful practice of the profession 

    The Order: overseeing application of the law

    No one may engage in the practice of engineering or use a reserved title unless he is a member of the OIQ. It is the Order's responsibility to oversee compliance with the law, in the public interest.

    Unlawful practice of the profession may take various forms, such as:

    • Unlawful use of a reserved title or of its abbreviation.
    • Unlawful practice of the profession.
    • Use of unsealed or unsigned plans and specifications.
    • Work not performed under the authority of an engineer.
    • Use of an unlawful company name.
    • Unlawful authentication using a seal, a signature or initials.

    Such behaviour may be deliberate or may simply result from improper knowledge of the laws and regulations pertaining to the profession. The Order seeks to prevent and to oppose the unlawful practice of the profession through such methods as:

    • Having prevention counsellors visit different companies and organizations affected by the Engineers Act to provide better information on Quebec's professional system.
    • Having investigators make visits to construction sites and by ensuring that the plans and specifications being used have been signed and sealed by members of the Order or by persons holding temporary permits.
    • The Order follows up with former members whose memberships have lapsed to ensure that they are aware that they are no longer permitted to use a reserved title or to engage in professional activities.
    • investigators visit sites named in a complaint or of a report. Following an investigation, the Order can decide to institute criminal proceedings against individuals and companies that have failed to comply with the law.
    • Fines are provided under law for any parties found guilty of such offences.

    To report an irregularity or for additional information:

    Fill the Form for reporting an irregularity
    Tel.: 514 845-6141
    1 800 461-6141, Ext. 3180
    Fax: 514 845-1833
    Email: pratill@oiq.qc.ca



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