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    Reporting unlawful practice 

    Overseeing the application of the law

    No one may engage in the practice of engineering or use the engineer title in Quebec unless he/she is a member of the OIQ. It is the Order's responsibility to oversee compliance with the law, in the interest of the public.

    What is considered to be unlawful practice?

    Unlawful practice may take various forms, such as:

    Unlawful practice of the profession may take various forms, such as:

    • unlawful use of the engineer title or of its abbreviation
    • unlawful practice of the profession
    • use of unsealed or unsigned plans and specifications
    • use of an unlawful company name
    • unlawful authentication of an engineering document using a seal, a signature or initials

    Such behaviour may be deliberate or simply result from improper knowledge of the laws. They remain infractions that can have an impact on the public as well as on the profession.

    What is the Ordre doing to counter unlawful practice?

    The Ordre actively prevents and counters unlawful practice of the profession through methods such as:

  • Prevention: our prevention counsellors visit different private and public organizations affected by the Engineers Act to provide relevant information on the engineering profession and its legislative context.
  • Oversight: our investigators make unannounced visits to construction sites to ensure that the plans and specifications being used have been signed and sealed by members of the Order or by temporary permit holders.
  • Prosecution: we investigate reports of unlawful practice and prosecute offenders. Fines are provided under law for any parties found guilty of such offences.
  • What can I do if I need to file a complaint or have a question?

    If you witness unlawful practice or have a question regarding the Engineers Act, contact us. The identity of a person reporting illegal practice can remain confidential.

    To verify if someone is a member of the Order
    To file a complaint

    Telephone : 514 845-6141 (or toll free1 800 461-6141), ext. 3186
    Fax : 514 845-7625
    Email : pratill@oiq.qc.ca


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