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    Professional practice 

    Engineers must continuously maintain and develop knowledge and skills related to their field of practice.

    The introduction of new technologies, legal standards and practice regulations has in many ways deeply modified engineering practices.

    Thanks to Internet, the public is better informed and better equipped to assert its rights.

    Result: engineers must, on a daily basis, meet ever-increasing expectations and pressure from various bodies (public, clients, employers, governments, multinationals, etc.) who demand nothing less than sheer excellence.

    There is only one way for engineers to meet these requirements and adapt to this ever-changing and fast-paced environment: continuously maintain and improve knowledge and skills related to their field of practice.

    A brand new tool: the Professional Practice Guide
    To support this process, the OIQ offers its members a brand new tool: a much improved
    Professional Practice Guide (only in french), the previous edition dating back to the early 1990’s.

    This updated guide, kind of a one-stop service, boasts not only a richer content, better suited to today’s engineering environment, but also a better organised and centralized content, previously spread across various locations.

    More than 1,000 page-thick, this gigantic work is now the reference for any engineering professional practicing in Quebec.

    The OIQ urges its members to consult it regularly for any questions associated with engineering practice, trade supervision laws and documents, professionalism, ethics and conduct, engineering and professional development.



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