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    General practice 

    An engineer who works in general practice is covered by the basic group professional liability insurance plan entered into by the OIQ. The most common examples of members who work in general practice are employees of a manufacturing plant, employees of contractors, federal, provincial and municipal government employees, employees of government corporations such as Hydro-Québec, and university professors, when they provide professional services to their partnership or employer.

    The basic group professional liability insurance plan contract entered into by the OIQ covers:

    • general practice;
    • occasional private practice ( certain conditions apply)
    • a member who has ceased to work in private practice and whose coverage under the OIQ's group supplementary insurance plan contract has ended, i.e. at least 5 years after the final service rendered in private practice. After those 5 years, the basic plan takes over, up to the limits of its coverage, for as long as that person remains an OIQ member and even for 5 years after his name has been struck off the OIQ’s roll.

    In the cases of general practice and occasional private practice, the OIQ’s basic group insurance plan contract provides $250,000 in coverage per loss and $500,000 for all losses resulting from professional services rendered in respect of a single project.

    The OIQ's exclusive broker is:

    2001 McGill College Avenue, Suite 2200
    Montreal, Quebec H3A 1G1
    Tel.: 514 315-4529 or 1 833 315-4529
    Email: ingenieur@bflcanada.ca


    The insurance manager of the mandatory basic group professional liability insurance plan is Victor Insurance Managers (formerly known as Encon).

    For more information, please contact the OIQ by email at the following address: arp@oiq.qc.ca or by calling 514 845-6141 or 1 800 461 6141, extension 2467.

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