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Professional examination 


In the interest of continuous improvement, the OIQ is currently revising the professional examination. The goal of the revision is to update the content of the examination and enhance the study materials so that they are adapted to today’s practice.

The new version of the examination will take effect starting with the session on August 29, 2015.

Note that the content and study materials have been updated as part of the revision, but the examination format, the subjects covered and the passing grade remain unchanged.

When is the right time to take the professional examination?

The OIQ recommends that junior engineers familiarize themselves with the preparatory materials for the professional examination as soon as they are entered on the roll and register for the next session available in the Québec region of their choice.

The examination is not technical, but is designed to test whether candidates are familiar with the following:

  • the laws and regulations governing professional practice in Québec
  • the principles of professional practice, ethics and professionalism, and other professional obligations
  • the basic legal issues inherent to the professional practice of Engineering

Eligible hours of study under the Regulation on mandatory continuing education for engineers

The hours you use to study for the OIQ's professional examination are eligible under the Regulation on mandatory continuing education of engineers. The following formula is used to set the number of eligible hours that you may declare as hours that you have used to study for the examination: duration of the examination multiplied by the factor 3. Accordingly, because the OIQ's professional examination lasts 3 hours, you can declare 9 hours of continuing education. For the purposes of declaring your hours to the OIQ, these hours correspond to a course offered by a specialized institution  (2nd paragraph of section 5). Please note that these hours are only eligible under the regulation if you have passed the examination. So be sure to put the maximum amount of effort into your studying so that you can make the most of this advantage.

Preparing and registering for the professional examination

You can find all the necessary information about the professional examination in the following sections: 

Candidates who are certified members of another Canadian engineering association may be exempted from the second part of the professional examination. All Canadian engineering associations require members to pass similar examinations, which facilitates engineer mobility across Canada. In such cases, the candidates must still pass the first and third parts of the OIQ’s examination.

For more information, contact our office at 514 845-6141 or 1 800 461-6141, extension 2470 or by email at examenprofessionnel@oiq.qc.ca  



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