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    Engineering design training program 

    This training program is intended to help participants acquire essential knowledge of design methodology as it is taught in bachelor’s of engineering programs in Quebec.

    To graduate from an engineering program in Quebec, a minimum number of credits must be earned in design. This training program is recommended for candidates who have not earned the minimum number of required engineering design credits during their academic program and/or work experience.

    The program has 2 separate components, a theoretical component and a practical component.

    Theoretical component

    In the theoretical component, candidates engage in self-directed activities to learn about engineering design methodology. By reading one of the 2 recommended books (See the information document for candidates and supervisors), candidates will understand and learn how to incorporate the various steps of the design process.

    Once they have completed the self-directed learning activities in the program, their knowledge will be tested by a qualifying examination on design methodology.

    Formulaire d’inscription à l’examen sur la méthodologie de la conception en ingénierie
    (in French only)

    If they pass the examination, they may begin the practical component of the engineering design training program.

    Practical component

    In the practical component, candidates carry out an engineering design project. Their project must demonstrate their ability to apply design methodology principles independently.

    To help candidates with the engineering design process, guides have been developed for some of the major fields of engineering. Candidates are strongly recommended to read these guides because they contain additional engineering design information and various examples of design projects.

    The documents below will help candidates and their project supervisors properly understand what is expected in the various steps of the training program and its evaluation process.

    Engineering Design - Information Document for Candidates and Supervisors (in French only)

    Form - project proposal and supervisor commitment (in French only)

    Design methodology guides are available for the following fields of engineering (in French only):

    This training program was developed in collaboration with the following university institutions:

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