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    Venezuela: a well-considered choice 

    In November 2014, Ana Sarahy Chiantera Duque, a 34-year-old engineer, left her native Venezuela with her husband. Destination: Montreal.

    It takes a lot of courage and determination to leave one's native country. Proper planning really helps with the transition.

    After earning her electrical engineering degree in 1998 from the National Polytechnic University of Venezuela's National Armed Forces, Ana wondered how she could plan her career. “The Internet made it easy. I went to the site of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec and got all the information I needed. It is well organized and allowed me to prepare properly. I knew all the steps that I needed to take before leaving Venezuela.” In Québec, she received some advice from the AMPE, an organization that helps French-speaking immigrants enter the job market.

    Her current job in Québec helped her improve her French before she began studying for the technical examinations in view of obtaining the junior engineer title. She passed these examinations in January 2009. “It is nice to study again with the work experience I have now,” she mentions in regards to studying for the technical examinations. She also took the training course that the OIQ gives to internationally trained professionals. “The course helped us prepare for our admission, but a large portion of it also concerned cultural differences. It really helps you better integrate in Québec and learn how to find the answers to your questions about your new life.” 

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