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    Engineering diploma from a country not covered by an agreement

    If you have completed an Engineering program outside Canada that was recognized by a diploma in Engineering, you are considered a Foreign-Trained Professional (FTP). This site will tell you what you have to do to be fully entitled to practise your profession in Québec.

    There is a specific procedure to follow to obtain an Engineer’s permit, and it begins with compiling an application for submission to the Access to the Profession Department of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec.

    Please note that the Order regularly hosts information sessions on this procedure.

    If the title of your diploma indicates that you are “ingénieur des travaux”, “ingénieur technicien”, “ingénieur d’application”, or “ingénieur d’exécution”, or if you do not hold a diploma in Engineering but instead hold a diploma in Pure or Applied Science or Technology, or if you hold a Diploma from France other than “diplôme d’ingénieur” (“maîtrise”, “master”, “ingénieur-maître”, etc.), click here.

    For more information, contact our office at 514 845-6141, extension 2398 or by email at sac@oiq.qc.ca



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